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5 Places To Buy NFL Jerseys

If you have ever bought or shopped for the replica jersey of your favorite football club, you know things can get a little pricey. I bought my first NFL jersey from about five years ago. It was a Jason Witten throwback blue Dallas Cowboys jersey which cost me over a hundred dollars. I have become a bit more seasoned after purchasing the home and away Cowboys jerseys every year since as well as several basketball team jerseys, but for the serious collector or the casual fan not wanting to break the bank, finding the lowest price is essential, so you shop around. Let’s look at some of the options.

For anyone in the United States, it is very hard to get in your car and go to a store where they sell the jersey you are looking for unless you live in a major metropolitan area. And even then, you are hard pressed to find a jersey with your favorite player’s name set on the back. For most of us, our only option will be online. The prices online are much lower than any physical store you will walk into anyway. To compare, we will look at the price on each site for the number one selling NFL jersey in the United States this season which is Tom Brady’s Patriots…check that…Pittsburgh Steelers #78 Alejandro Villanueva jersey.
– $99.99 – We will begin with the name everyone knows. This site has by far the best selection and stock in the United States, but that selection comes at a price. You will most likely be able to find the player’s name set you are looking for on this site, but rarely will you find it for under retail. Licensed patches are included, and tax and shipping are added to the price of NFL jersey.
– $149.99 – Probably the second most advertised site in the United States, this site rivals in selection and stock. In fact, in most cases where I’ve shopped the two for a certain throwback NFL jersey, they have the different stock down to the sizes available. I’m not sure if they’re connected in some way, but one advantage features is their club. By paying to join their club, you receive a discounted price on every item they have. The club price for the Mike Ditka jersey would save you $5.50 at $149.99 plus tax and shipping. Like, licensed patches are included.
(Note: There is a way to customize a NFL jersey on which will leave off the licensed patches. This will save you around $10.00)
– $79.95 – This site features a decent selection and as you can see a lower price than the two juggernauts above. You can tell by the appearance of the site you are not dealing with a company the size of the two above, but all that matters is the product you receive in the mail. Depending on the team you prefer, you can save some money using this site. Tax is added to the price of NFL jersey you are buying, but a flat shipping rate of $9.99 is more than you will pay at or The football patches are optional, and if you choose to add patches, there is no extra charge (which is certainly a nice perk).
– $79.99 – My jersey collection changed the day I discovered This is my go-to site for NFL hat and jersey and shirt purchases. The selection does not come close to or, but the selection is still respectable especially if you are a fan of a big club. Fans of Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers will be particularly pleased. There are some great advantages to this site. To begin with, the prices are usually lower than the other sites. The biggest perk for this site though, is free shipping for items over $99.00 and no tax. This results in huge savings. The Jalen Ramsey Jacksonville Jaguars customization was $89.99 but does not include the patches which can be added at a price of $4.99. I usually forego the patches which results in the $94.98 price for the Jalen Ramsey jersey, but like I said, your true savings will come from the lack of taxes and shipping. The other great thing about comes through the use of discount codes. If you provide your email address and sign up for their email newsletter, you get a $9.99 discount off your purchase over $99.00. This takes the price of the jersey down to $869.99. With a little bit of email address creativity, you can get $10.00 off all of your shirt purchases. also provides discount codes through their email newsletter periodically throughout the year.
– not available – This site did not have the Arizona Cardinal jersey in stock. Any name set was available for Baltimore Ravens, so I am not sure if they sold out of Arizona Cardinal jerseys or if it was ever available. This site is better for hockey jerseys than it is for football jerseys, and it features a lot of the perks does including free shipping over $70.00 and no tax. There are also discount codes available if you search the internet. I recently purchased a custom Carolina black jersey from this site because did not have my size, and I was extremely pleased with the service provided.
So, there you have it. You can save a good deal of money depending on what you are looking for. If you are shopping for an obscure player, you will have to rely on one of the sites with the better selections. If your team is near the top of the table, you can shop around for the best deal.

Do you have a go-to site not listed above? I would love to know if I am missing out. Let me know in the comment section.