Saturday, July 22, 2017 Review

I like it when replica NFL jerseys companies make bold statements like “Discover the meaning of high quality”. In 99% of the cases these turn out to be just exaggerations that have nothing to do with the actual quality they offer. is one of the brave online sites that dare to promise us the perfect NFL jerseys for a price that you can’t resist. As always we got to be smarter than that. Fans should really ask themselves whether these promises have a shred of truth or not. And to find out what the true face of this merchant is they just need to follow the below guidelines.

The first thing that offers fans a clue about the true nature of a fake NFL jerseys company is the looks of its website. This is its calling card and it should be flawless. Everything about its aesthetics should suggest professionalism and superiority. Unfortunately, this is not the case with, but on the contrary. The website is poorly designed. It has a very unprofessional appearance that suggests that this is just another average online store that carries questionable quality knockoffs. The white and sky blue color scheme is terribly disadvantaged by the pixelated images and banners. These give the impression of an out-dated web page that has nothing to do with elegance, authenticity and everything a NFL jersey stands for.

On top of the page there is a simple and short menu bar with buttons for the main popular sports jerseys brands available. Right under it there is a login and registered interface and the screen of Chat Online. Even lower there is a common looking banner that advertises the quality of the products. In the left side of the screen there is a bar with the available sports team brands and the top selling models. Somehow the page seems disproportioned and difficult to browse. It lacks coherence and proper usability.

Authentic jerseys wholesale does carry that many sports brands. It includes 6 sports names that can be accessed and browsed by using the left side menu bar. Here fans can find main sports branded team jerseys  that are surely among the top choices of most fanatics. The thing is that each brand includes much more than just jerseys. They also find caps, bags, hoodies and accessories. This makes the collection pretty diverse and attractive for those who are looking for affordable merchant solutions. There are products both for men and women and every sub-category includes other sub-categories that need to be browsed page by page. The collection is quite wide and unfortunately there is no Advanced Search bar on the page to make things easier.

The prices are displayed in US Dollar and from what fans can tell by comparing the different type of products the prices of these replica NFL jerseys are for every budget. There are affordable polo shirts and bags that cost about 16 US dollars to 40 dollars and there are more expensive models that vary between 87 and 97 US dollars. It all depends on the various types of the merchants and the stock availability. Judging by the default currency I would say that this store targets US customers even though it delivers packages worldwide.

The photos of these fake jerseys are a big flaw. This becomes clear after you browse a few of the categories and you start noticing that the pictures were taken in different places and not in the same studio. There are images that have a white background, some are actual pictures, some are computer-generated pictures. And from what I can tell, most replica NFL jerseys have the original photos, the ones that are displayed on the real NFLshop website. All these suggest that what you see in the images isn’t what you are going to receive. accepts credit card payment and from my experience that’s not such a great thing. The company is able to process only Visa and Mastercard payments. Of course, these are the most popular and trusted payment methods for online shopping, but not when the page where you are supposed to enter your card details doesn’t have the https before the domain name. This means that the page isn’t secured and that your information can be accessed by any third parties. Fortunately, offers alternative payment methods like Western Union, Paypal or Money Gram.

Regarding the shipping policy, this seems a little bit intricate. It says that has adopted the international shipping solution FiftyOne to allow you to easily shop from and ship to any of the countries listed below. You can now shop this store in your selected currency and see your complete order total, including shipping fees, customs tariffs and taxes when you check out. Once you submit your order, the total is guaranteed at the exchange rate indexed when you placed your order. You will not be charged any additional fees at delivery.

I do not know about you, but I immediately recognize an unfair return policy when I see one. And has one of the most unfair ones. The store claims to offer a 60 days refund policy, but you can’t return the replica NFL jersey just like that. There are a series of conditions for this. The main thing is that only products with quality issues can be reimbursed. You can’t ask for your money back just because you are not happy with the items ordeded or because you have changed your mind. The same thing goes for the replacement and exchange policy. And of course, all the return costs need to be paid by the customer. Of course, I do agree with this return policy that underwear, customized and personalized items are not returnable.

Proper customer services mean a company that is easy to reach by phone, email and live chat. Or at least this is how I see things. If fans are not able to contact the store quickly then they can’t fix their urgent matters and this may very well turn this whole shopping experience into a complicated and tiresome process. Fortunately, this store offers proper customer services as it has Live Chat, Phone number and Contact Form where customer can send in their questions. does not qualify as a supplier of good quality replica NFL jersey as it claims on its homepage. This website appears to be just the opposite. Indeed, it has affordable prices, a wide range of replica products and free delivery, but it also fails to offer some things that are essential in this business.

Friday, July 14, 2017 Review

I guess there is no point in asking if you love NFL jerseys. If you are reading this review then it is clear that you are one of us, one of the football passionate fanatics who adore fantastic authentic  NFL jerseys that complement your style flawlessly and serve as the same fans for all your everyday needs. The worst thing about elite NFL jerseys is that they tempt us with their professional looks and discourage us with their surreal prices. Many fans like us can’t afford paying hundreds of dollars on a jersey so the most logical choice seems to be buying a fake instead. This decision implies a few risks so naturally we need to arm ourselves with a few basic tips on how to identify a trustworthy merchant and a good quality NFL jerseys when we see one. below you have everything you need to know on this topic.

Everything starts with a detailed review of the football store where fans want to order the cheap NFL jersey. is my choice for today’s review and I will show you how to turn this site upside down in search of clues that tell you how professional it is.

First of all, when fans take a look at its website. It is simple and unattractive. It doesn’t have any visual or promotional elements that get our attention. It has a white and dark blue color scheme, a simple layout with a blue upper menu bar that includes buttons for the informative pages like About Us, Products, Help, Feedback and Contact us. In the left side of the page there is a Products Menu and in the center of the page company introduction. In the lower part of the screen there are a few sponsored products. isn’t just a fan of NFL jerseys. This sports company also has a strength for NHL jerseys, MLB jerseys, NBA jerseys, NCAA jerseys and soccer jerseys. Its collection is very diversified and inclusive; it offers something for every tastes and styling needs. In regards to the available jerseys , the store doesn’t carry such a wide number of soccer jerseys. It offers main team jerseys and every single one of them is organized into sub-categories like NFL Football,  NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NCAA College, and Soccer jerseys. And of course, each one of these sub-categories is divided into teams like Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens and so on. Each collection lists dozens of different jerseys and there is no filter or advanced search option for retrieving just the styles that you are looking for so the browsing process is really tiresome and time consuming.

The prices for the NFL jerseys are pretty moderated. Most of the items, regardless of their size, sex or brands, cost about $21-$60. This is very affordable compared with the prices of the genuine products which are usually ten times more. The customized NFL jerseys are a little bit more. These cost about $40-$70. Normally, fans would feel tempted to order one of these knockoffs that meet our budget expectations.

The pictures on are a huge disaster or at least this is how I see things. It is obvious that this product isn’t very reputable and professional. It doesn’t invest time and effort into offering its own studio photos for its replicas. The purses are photographed in numerous different stores like jersey101, nflship, vipjersystore, fanatics. Everything looks unprofessional and it makes fans question whether what they see in the photos is what they will receive at their door. surprised me a little bit. This cheap NFL jerseys online store doesn’t take credit card payments at all. It only accepts Western Union payments. A payment policy that isn’t that good for its business, if you ask me. There are not that many online customers out there that are willing to send money with Western Union to an unknown receiver in China. Credit cards payments are the most preferred and secure options for ordering merchandise online. Plus, let’s not forget that Western Union transfers imply a transaction fee that varies between 5% and 20%. And doesn’t offer any type of discount for this form of payment.

The really good news is that the delivery is free of charge. This company ships packages all over the world without charging you a delivery fee. It doesn’t matter if you buy one or ten sports jerseys, if the destination country is USA or a remote South Africa, the delivery is completely free. The packages are shipped with regular mail and the estimated delivery time is above 14 business days. Of course, if fans can’t wait for that long and they prefer a faster option then they can pay extra for DHL. offers a 7 days replacement policy. This policy applies for any quality defects you may notice on your sports jersey. If the product is inferior to what you expected then you can send it back and replace it with the same model or with a different one. Also, if you just do not like the sports jersey and you prefer to get your money back then you can return the item for a full refund. will issue the refund only after the product is safely delivered at their warehouse.

This website claims to offer customer service anytime. Furthermore, all questions are supposed to be answered in 24 hours. Until now everything seems quite professional, isn’t it? This impression changes once you see that they offer customer services only by Contact Us, but not by phone or live chat. They don’t even provide a business address where you can send your inquiries securely. Everything about its customer care feels unprofessional and unreliable. is a replica sports jerseys website from where I would buy a cheap NFL jersey.  This wholesale store has numerous popular models of fake jerseys at really low prices, free world wide delivery and a 7 days refund policy, but there are also numerous negative aspects about shopping a knockoff here. The company only accepts Western Union payments, it does not offer responsive customer care, even though the product pictures are taken in its own studio so you really do know what they will send you, plus the photos that are available on the site show replicas that are totally same with the genuine jerseys.

Friday, July 7, 2017 Review is very awful. Seriously, fans eyes hurt when they look at it. This sports website is a mess from all point of views. Its design is as ugly as it gets. It looks like something a 10 year old drafted out, the images are pixelated, the blue and white color scheme is tiresome and the layout is chaotic. There are a few websites out there as shockingly unappealing as this one. It doesn’t even look like an online sports store, but rather as a printed ad from an old sports magazine. Basically, there is nothing professional about NFLjerseysupply.

On the homepage things are as ridiculous and understanding as possible. On the top of the page there are buttons for some random pages like NFL Jerseys, NFL(Nike), NHL Jerseys, NBA Jerseys, MLB Jerseys, about us, contact us and online sales. In the left side of the page there are listed some of the same categories such as NFL Jerseys, NCAA Jerseys, Customized Jerseys, NFL T-Shirt and NFL hats and more. seems to have it all when it comes to knockoffs. Everything fans could possibly need to look stylish is here at your fingertips. In the center of the screen there is some products picture shows divided into some sort of product categories, such as New camo jerseys supply, NFL Women Zebra Fashonable Jerseys. And in the right side of the page there are some promotional banners which make the wholesale price list of sports products. This is just that type of site that scares fans off with its badly designed appearance.

When said that it offers sports jerseys knockoffs I thought of NFL Jerseys, MLB Jerseys, NBA Jerseys, NHL Uniforms, NCAA Jerseys and other NFL products.. Big mistake, I was hugely disappointed to see that this store offers NFL Jewelry. I have browsed its entire jerseys and t-shirts collection and I haven’t found a worthwhile products. And regarding its MLB jerseys, these are incredibly ugly. They are very tacky and over-decorated with masks, NFL gloves, key holders and customized products.

As the quality of these sports jerseys replica is so poor there is really no surprise that the prices are incredibly low. For instance, the fake jerseys cost about $19.99 only while the T-Shirts cost about $11. There is no question about it, these sports products are very cheap, but let’s not forget that these do not carry original pictures themselves, so who would ever want to buy these inferior quality sports products with an unattractive design. has numerous different sports uniforms branded, but these are listed randomly on the page. The items are not organized into collections and there is no way to filter them by criteria as movement, color and price.

The pictures of these sports products are of inferior quality as well. There is only one image per item and this shows only the front of the sports jersey. There are no additional pictures of the sports uniform to show the numerous details regarding its details. Fans cannot really tell if the quality is decent or not, if its appearance is attractive or not. does not offer free delivery. This site charges a shipping rate depending on the type of delivery fans choose to get. There are actually 3 available shipping options. The first two are available only for US customers and these are: the USPS Ground with a $25 shipping fee and an estimated 14 business days delivery time and DHL expedite shipping with a 5 business days delivery time. The third one is International Shipping which is rather expensive- $40- and it does not say the shipping carrier used for dispatching the order or the estimated delivery time. Whats going on? is able to process only Visa credit card payment. It does not accept Master card, Discover, American Express and pay pal. The website also accept Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Wire. The really negative thing about its credit card payment system is that the security certificate for the payment form page has expired so the information customer put in is not secured, meaning it can be hacked by any third party. This makes clients very hesitant about ordering anything from NFL Jersey Supply.

One of the best things about this sports store is that it offers a 7 days money back guarantee. If customer have received the sports product and they are not happy with it then customer have 7 days from the delivery to contact NFLjerseysupply and request a return authorization after which customer can ship the item back to NFLjerseysupply. The important things customer need to consider are that they will be paying all the shipping back fees and there is also a ten percent restocking fee that customer will be charged for. Considering the really low prices for these sports items, maybe it is really worth the hassle.

Even though does not have a Live Chat service available This website offers customer support by email only. The company displays on its Contact Us page so customer can email to its agents. From a customer services point of view, it seems to be a pretty awful  online store. is a very unfriendly and unappealing online store that carries inferior quality products that aren’t imitations of famous sports items. The prices are low, the product pictures poor quality and the delivery fee expensive. The only good things it offers are the 7 days refund policy and the responsive customer service. Other than that this website is a real waste of time, especially if fans are looking to get high quality cheap NFL jerseys.

Saturday, July 1, 2017 Review

Buying a new elite NFL jersey can be a very troublesome decision. True fans all want to get a authentic NFL jersey, but only a few of fans will actually purchase it. I don’t care what other fans  says, these items are exaggeratedly pricy regardless of the quality of the materiel, mesh side panels for extra breathability. Nothing justifies paying a couple hundred dollars for a elite. This is also the reason why so many fans have turned their attention towards NFL limited jerseys; because these items are affordable and have the same look and feel as the genuine ones. The trick is buying them from the right place, from a store that is reputable and reliable. Is one of those stores? Continue reading to find out.

The homepage says a completely official story. It is incredibly nice and unappealing. The whole thing is designed with gorgeously looking pictures, banners, layouts and color scheme. Honestly, the website inspires professionalism and high quality at all. It is rather that type of professional page where the products are affordable priced and top quality, the type of company that you want to stay forever. carries a wide range of NFL products. As the name also suggests, this e-shop carries much more than just NFL jerseys. It also offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, jackets and footwear. It carries everything you could possibly want for looking NFL products. On the homepage there are two menu bars. One is displayed on the upper side of the screen and it includes the most important product categories and the second one is in the left side and features the all 32 teams and available brands. There is a wide banner located in the center of the page, which grabs your attention instantly.

Not only this merchant carries a wide range of NFL products, but it only has numerous brands displayed. These range from the less popular ones like Outerstuff and Mitchell & Ness to very famous ones like Reebok and Nike. The very important thing is that the categories feature items have very many many NFL products.

The prices are incredibly varied, from elite NFL jerseys that cost $300 to game NFL jerseys that cost $100. Actually we do understand how these are priced. All seem to be acceptable. And no matter the materials or the types some are incredibly pricey and some are cheap. For instance, some NFL gloves are over $399 while some gloves are $35 or less. There are even some helmets are over $1000 but some helmets at $30. So from what fans see there is logic to this. Some are  replica, some are authentic even autographed authentic items. Obviously we can not say is selling NFL products to us without having a clear price policy.

What is obvious right from the first moment is that this company has professional product pictures. The images presented on its website are unique. The sources seem to be numerous professional suppliers that have very good quality photos. The replica bags have two presentation images that shows from the front side of the item. The inside, sides, back or bottom of the products are visible. This is a very huge upside because fans can be certain that what is shows on the site is what will be delivered at fans door. may update the photos so what fans will get will look completely same with what fans expected.

I managed to come across a very well elite NFL jersey and this is San Francisco 49ers NaVorro Bowman scarlet elite jersey. On the page this product is available in several colors like black, red and white. The two different types of product's attributes: details and description. Please take a look at the photos enclosed to this review and you will notice that everything is the same.

On this website there are various types of accepted payment methods. Credit card is just one type of them. Visa and Master are the supported credit card companies and they are available for all orders. Paypal is alternative payment option. All is all, you can not ignore the fact that credit card payment is the most secure option for paying for your online purchase. is able to ship packages worldwide regardless of the destination country. The thing is that the delivery fees surely aren’t. Shipping costs for U.S. orders placed on this site are based on the weight of the total order. Shipping costs are dependent on the items in your order and the shipping method you select. Your total shipping charges will automatically compute during checkout prior to the completion of your order.

This merchant offers a 60 days refund and exchange policy to all its customers that have received an unsatisfactory NFL products. Returns must be in original condition, unworn and unused with original tags and labels. Your return items will be inspected upon arrival before your refund is processed. It can take 7 to10 business days for your return to reach our warehouse. Once your return is received, it can take an additional 10 business days for us to process your return. Once your refund is processed it can take 2-7 business days for the refunded amount to reflect on your account statement. You will receive a confirmation email once this is completed. believes that the most simplistic communication channel is also the most effective one. This being said, the company offers customer support by live chat online. To get a hold of the company and find out the answers to your inquiries you can contact the merchant by live chat.

It is almost possible to find a trustworthy NFL jerseys store that offers good quality product and services and is a living proof of this. The website is very excellent. It has a beautifully designed page, high quality product pictures, fast shipping and responsive customer services. The things that are most appealing about this site are the large selection of NFL products.

Friday, June 30, 2017 Review has a very nice design. It is the type of jerseys website that impresses with a simple and classy appearance for fans. It manages to look professional without trying too much. It uses a blue and white background, appealing banners of NFL jerseys and also very attractive jerseys pictures. This site isn’t overstuffed with promotional banners. It is simplistic, it is sophisticated. Obviously, looks like a high and cheap NFL jerseys store.

The products menu is located on top of the homepage where fans can view the elegant blue on white buttons. There are 13 designer names included, and this site carries many others. Surely, the ones featured in the menu are just the most popular ones (NFL), and after fans click on a button fans are directed to another page where they have all the available brands listed on the left side of the page. This is something fans would agree with as it offers a easy usability.

The product is very impressive as this sports online store offers jerseys, sports accessories and sports caps. The categories are organized into sub collections according to their gender and type. And, of course, each sub-category is divided into collections that bear the same name as the original collections. For example, NFL includes Arizona Cardinals Jersey, New England Patriots Jersey, Philadelphia Eagles Jersey and more. Arizona Cardinals Jersey includes Women Jersey, Youth Jersey and Knit Hats and many others. Fans would be surprised to discover hundreds of items for each of these collections. is indeed a place where fans have the freedom to choose NFL jersey of their choice out of numerous different team.

All the prices are displayed in USD. The NFL snapback hats cost about 10.99 USD while NFL champions rings cost 32 USD. The more expensive items are the customized NFL jerseys that are priced at almost 65 USD. Still, my opinion is that these prices are very affordable and are under the average price available on the market for NFL products.

The descriptions of these NFL jerseys are very nicely written. First, I must say that the whole product page is well constructed. It presents the detailed name of the NFL product, the stock availability, the price and the item number. Only after these very important details, it mentions the specifications of the NFL jerseys. The description is very detailed and accurate presenting the size.

If fans are considering ordering a NFL jersey from then fans will probably be pleased to find out that the company can process both Visa and Mastercard payments. I, as a football fanatic, am very glad to discover such cheap NFL jerseys merchants that are able to support these card payments options. From old football fan experience, these are the most secure and liable ones. If you have any suspicions that you are being scammed you can simply contact your bank and they will make things right for you.

This sports company needs about 3 business days to prepare your order for shipping. Also, the delivery is free worldwide when the amount of your order is more than $200, and a tracking number is provided for each package. The delivery would take approximately 5-7 business days. The estimated delivery time is about 3-5 business days for USA and most European countries while 5-8 business days are required. The orders are being sent with EMS or with Fedex or DHL. offers a 7 days refund policy available in case fans receive their order and fans are not happy with it. If this happens, fans can choose to return the ordered item to the warehouse and request either a refund or a replacement- with the same items or another one. Furthermore, a 14 days exchange warranty is available. If the sports product breaks during warranty then do not hesitate to contact the company to request the return details.

Customer service is essential when fans are buying a cheap NFL jersey online. Before submitting the order fans should test the responsiveness of the customer care department. Contact the sports company by the provided communications channels to see how friendly and professional they are. This online NFL product can be reached by email and by contact form. simply send a message through to check them out. seems like a decent place where to shop for major professional sports leagues jerseys. This cheap jerseys online site has a very large and varied collection of sports apparel that are available at very good prices.

Monday, June 5, 2017 Review

What are the sports things you love the most? If sports jerseys are on your list then you will surely want to know that I have found a new cheap jerseys online store to supply your dreams. And by the looks of it, it has a lot of potential. It seems to be just the right place where we can continue to indulge our passion for qualitied replica NFL jerseys at a price that we too can afford. This being said, I have to warn you that below you will read everything you need to know about the pluses and minuses of this cheap NFL jerseys online store, everything you need for determining if it is what you were looking for.

The online wholesale jerseys shop I am reviewing today is called and the name tends to suggest great affinity for sports apparel and discretion. Just the things you need when you want to buy a replica jersey with elite authentic style. After all, what could be more important than finding a replica that is so discrete that it would never stand out as a authentic, a replica jersey that has all the right qualities, a 1:1 design and the perfect selection of high quality materials? All these are essential for sports fans as we aspire to find the right price-quality ratio, to always have the best of both worlds and, naturally, enjoy a fancinated authentic sports jersey without compromising our budget.

First things first, the design of a website says lot about that company. When you are serious and professional you want your online store to reflect the high quality of the sports jerseys and services so that your customers will shop with confidence. In this case, appears to be a pretty good source for superior replica jerseys. The webpage looks very nice and friendly. By using a white background, clear pictures and simple buttons, the site appeals to its visitors and invites them to browse through its collections.

The usability is also quite good. The top bar menu reveals the fact that the merchant doesn’t sell just main american sports jerseys. It also carries some sports caps. It is a place that has everything for every taste. To get to the desired replica you simple go to the top menu and a drop down list of available lists appears. By selecting one of them a new page is loaded where all the available player’s jerseys are displayed. Unfortunately, the hundreds of jerseys are not organized into sub-collections. These are all merged into a huge team league category that needs to be browsed page by page until you find the ones that you like. To make things even worst, there are no filters to retrieve just the items that match some particular criteria.

The thing with these sports jerseys is that they are a bit pricey which, obviously, makes you think that the quality is very nice. The NHL jerseys cost about $31.49 which is quite a lot for replicas. Usually you can get cheap NHL jersey for this price. And the actual customized NHL jerseys are priced somewhere $97.49. Yes, I know. For these prices you could get some really good authentic jerseys from the more affordable spectrum. Once again, the superior prices suggest a superior quality so if you are really keen on buying a very good quality replics and you don’t mind paying a bit more over the market’s average price then this might be a recommended option for you, as a real fan.

For me, the product’s page is very important. It includes all the relevant information for concluding if this is the right replica jerseys for me. It has the price, pictures, description and reviews. And believe it or not, I always pay attention to all these things and I tend to make a thorough comparison for the products I’m considering buying. And even though many fanatics don’t think it’s that essential, for me the jersey’s reviews that are usually listed in the bottom of the page are crucial. I always read them and try to see what the item’s pluses and minuses are. I like the way the product page is organized on this site, but I was a bit disappointed to notice that there are no related products added.

The photos are amazing and I almost never say this about replica jerseys. I don’t know how this jersey managed to do such good quality pictures for its products, but I got to say that I am very impressed. There is a image for every item and these is not only very clear and detailed, but also very informative.

The shipping cart also makes a good impression by allowing you to change the quantity, having a “Shipping Method” button, displaying the applied shipping fee and having a “discount coupon” box if you choose western union or money gram payment. The only thing is that the shipping fee appears to be a flat rate fee so the delivery country is not relevant. Every order is charged $25 for shipping but free shipping over 10 pices. This is not only a good thing for customers that live in countries where delivery from China is usually pricy, but also for those who were looking to save money on delivery by getting free delivery for placing a big order is a real upside. One moreA, the delivery takes about 5-7 days and a tracking number is provided.

I am sure that I resonate with their return policy, easy 60-day return guaranteed. If, for any reason, you're not completely happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund of the product price and any associated tax, within sixty business days of receipt of the items. That means, you can return it just because you do not like it or because you have changed your mind. So you do not need to be really sure before placing the order- sure that it is right for you and sure that it is worth the stiff price. Another issue is the fact that mentions that all returns and exchanges must be in new, unused or unworn condition with the original tags and stickers attached.

There is one way of contacting the seller. The only option is by sending an email on “contacs us” page. This seems a bit discouraging, if you ask me. has a few things that I like very much. I adore the fact that is has pretty clear photos for all its products, photos that are more than enough to convince you of the superior quality of these replica sports jerseys, the fact that its website is very nicely designed and offers a good usability, and also the fact that it targets only jerseys fanatics who are looking for high quality sports jerseys and don’t mind paying more to make sure they get it.