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Patriots Choose White Uniform for Super Bowl LII

The Patriots will be the home team for the 2018 super bowl and can choose which uniform to wear. The Patriots will wear white jerseys in Super Bowl LII. Although they are the home team, they have decided to go with their away white uniform.

Blue: 2-2
XXXVI (20-17 win over Rams)
XXXVIII (32-39 win over Panthers)
XLII (17-14 loss to Giants)
XLVI (21-17 loss to Giants)
Red: 0-1
XX (46-10 loss to Bears)
White: 3-1
XXXI (35-21 loss to Packers)
XXXIX (24-21 win over Eagles)
XLIX (28-24 win over Seahawks)
LI (34-28 win over the Falcons)

The Patriots wearing white has won 12 of the last 13 Super Bowls, including a 3-0 mark by New England. So, the team should pick 'lucky' white jerseys for Super Bowl LII.

Best Vintage Football Jerseys For 2017 NFL Season

Sometimes the saying “Everything old is gorgeous” really holds true, particularly in the world of sports. The retro looks in sports are hotter than ever these years and it does not look like it is going to change any time soon. Along with all of the styles that fans are wearing again that may have been popular in the 1960s to 1990s include vintage authentic football jerseys. The retro look of these football jerseys not gives you a casual and charmed look but it is also very fascinating and ideal for when you are going out to the clubs or a party. If fans want to find the best vintage football jerseys on the market today they are going to want to look at the styles and fits that are best for the season.
Fans today are wearing football jerseys for more occasions than just for casual. Many fans are wearing them to parties, casual restaurants and event to work on top of wearing them after a long day or on the match days. To get the looks that are great for different occasions you will wan…

Find Plus Size NFL Jerseys that Fits Your Style

Plus size fans shouldn’t be afraid to get into a NFL jersey this year. There is no worry in being plus size and sporting a nice football jersey in public. Many sports companies are beginning to embrace the plus size revolution which has been championed by progressive plus size fans and many designers are now tailoring football jerseys that are flattering no matter what size the figure.

Sports stores have limited selections when it comes to plus size clothing, and even less to choose from when it comes to plus size NFL jerseys.There is a much broader selection of style choices for plus size fans available online. The online marketplace for plus sizes is growing steadily year after year and there are a number of retailers — such as Cheap Jerseys — that cater to plus size football fanatics. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, fans have more choices than ever before.

Choosing the proper style of plus size NFL jersey makes all the difference in confidence for a plus size g…

2018 NFL Pro Bowl Jerseys

The end of January will bring about the game that everybody wants to be invited to but nobody actually wants to play in since playing in that game means that you missed the Super Bowl — the Pro Bowl! While the NFL has yet to officially unveil the uniforms, all sorts of Pro Bowl gear for this year’s game is currently on sale at Fanatics, which officially puts this at the top of “Worst Kept Secrets of All-Time.”
So the NFL has basically released the jerseys with little-to-no-fanfare. Are we in for a pleasant and quiet treat, or did the league roll these uniforms out under the veil of shadows in order to hide them from the public? Well, let’s take a look at the uniforms and judge for ourselves.

The good news is that they’re sticking with the “AFC in red and NFC in blue” theme that they returned to for the 2017 Pro Bowl. They’ve also removed neon, so we won’t be seeing volt green mixed with red and blue for no discernible reason. The overall design is pretty simple and as usual, we’ll pr…

Buffalo Bills Jersey

Even though Bills fans dream of someday owning an authentic Buffalo Bills jersey, for the moment Bills fans need to be realistic about they can afford and focus their attention on finding a high quality replica jersey that looks gorgeous and feels very authentic. This is exactly what suggests us to do. It offers a large collection of beautifully made knockoffs at very fair prices. It is the dream of any Bills fanatic. When it comes to first impression, the website is definitely a pro. It manages to effortlessly look professional, friendly and easy to use. It is that kind of page that has an elegant and clean homepage where all the information is located right in the perfect spot. There is a menu bar at the top, a light banner in the center and a couple of categories in the lower part of the screen. This aesthetic approach convinces any first time visitor that this may be just the ideal place for buying superior replica Buffalo Bills jerseys. As I was saying, th…

Atlanta Falcons Jersey

The truth, Falcons fans, is that there’s nothing more rewarding and lavishing than wearing an authentic Atlanta Falcons jersey on your body. Its passion, professionalism and quality are everything we could possibly desire from a pro. We choose to indulge our passion with a replica Falcons jersey. The Internet is full of online stores like where on football uniform. But as all things in this life, they don’t come cheap. The exorbitant price make we find a large and varied collection of quality designs at very low prices.
The homepage of this website seems to be quite professional, intuitive and elegant. Its layout is quite simple. It has a black & red background, a simple top side menu bar with seven categories, and a couple of options for registering an account. There is a wide sliding banner, but no numerous sponsored products in the lower side of the screen. The company prefers simplicity and high usability.
Even though the webpage has only one me…

Minnesota Vikings Jersey

The elite Minnesota Vikings jersey is one of the most sought after and expensive authentic jersey in the NFL. Just like other football team jerseys, this very beautiful and professional design is highly exclusivist. Its price is not the only obstacle in the way of owning it. The very long waiting list is another inconvenient. As a consequence, there are many replica Vikings merchants online that are offering very authentic looking knockoffs at very affordable prices. is one of those websites. It carries a varied collection of best-selling Minnesota Vikings jerseys that are perfect for a super pro look.
The website looks incredibly good. The first impression is that you are dealing with a reputable and professional company. The homepage looks fresh and friendly, even though it includes numerous elements. The background is purple, it has a products menu in the upper side of the page, a medium static banner and numerous sponsored products in the lower side …

Five Best NCAA Football Jerseys to Buy Right Now

Are you even a college football fan if you don’t own a jersey (or some sort of tee shirt)? We have a CBS sports store with a bunch of NCAA football merchandise (like hoodies, shoes, hats, tailgating gear, and more) and today we want to take a look at the most essential piece to own — the jersey.
Below are top picks for 5 of our favorite players right now.

Baker Mayfield
                                              Baker Mayfield Oklahoma Sooners Jersey

Let’s start with the most obvious choice on the list. Baker Mayfield is the face of the franchise. He’s showing a lot of progress in Year 2. In addition to being an emerging star, Mayfield seems like a good dude off the field as well. You can’t go wrong with this one. Baker Mayfield won the Heisman Trophy in December after passing for 4,340 yards and 41 touchdowns and leading the Sooners into the College Football Playoffs as the No. 2 seed.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley Penn State Nittany Lions Jersey Barkley is finally having that breakout…