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Carolina Panthers Jerseys

Who doesn’t want to be a passionate fanatic? Who doesn’t dream of owning a authentic NFL jersey? We all do. All of us, football fanatics, crave for gorgeous Carolina Panthers jerseys. Sadly, only a few can afford these very expensive products. knows just how to get our full attention. By claiming it offers a rich collection of authentic Panthers jerseys of very good quality and at considerably low prices it instantly convinces us to give it a second look. And this is exactly what we will do. We will check it out and see if it is everything it promises to be.

If you were expecting a very chic looking online store then don’t get your hopes high just yet. has nothing to do with chic and elegant. By all means, it is a simple online page that features a few colorful banners, some simple menus and product pictures. But let’s not be that quick to judge! At least it is easy on the eye. It has a white and black color scheme, four fixed  banners- one for iphone case, one for football cap, one for t-shirts and one for promotions -, a simple black menu on the top and a detailed Categories menu on the left side of the screen. In the bottom of the page there are the Featured Products.. does not carry only Carolina Panthers jerseys. It also sells t-shirts, caps, iphone case. It is that type of company that tries to offer a selection of cheap Panthers products as diversified as possible. Nevertheless, our interest focuses on jerseys and in this section the website does not impress that much. The list of available player jerseys is not limited. It carries all. Also, the website has a price filter to help you sort the items according to your budget.

The prices of these Carolina Panthers jerseys seem to be a little bit high. The most affordable jerseys cost about $27.99-$29.99 while the t-shirts are about $13.99. The customized Panthers jerseys are the heftiest priced products on the site. These cost about 37.99-39.99.

A reputable website knows the importance of having its own studio photos so that its potential customers can see the true quality of its actual Panthers jerseys. Not having your own pictures and using some copied images instead is a serious question mark. How can you be sure that you will receive what is advertised on the site? The pictures on the website look good.

When you order your favorite Cam Newton Panthers jerseys from you have the option of paying by Visa, Mastercard, Money Gram and Western Union. Sure, these payment options are very inclusive and diversified, but at a closer look they don’t sound that good. Generally, credit card payments are most suitable for online orders, but in this case this may turn out to be a disastrous decision. The problem is that the webpage is not secured for online transactions so the info you put in isn’t protected and anyone can hack it. Money Gram isn’t such a great idea either when you are ordering something from an online store for the first time. Once the money is sent you can’t do a thing to get it back.

If you ask me, the shipping options provided by this sports company are a little bit pricey. To have your package shipped to USA with USPS costs $35. That’s just insane. Usually China to USA doesn’t cost more than $15-$25. With this delivery method, the estimated shipping time is about 15 business days and a tracking number is provided. The other shipping carrier is DHL which is even more expensive. This one costs $45. If you choose DHL then your package will be delivered in about 7 business days. Both are pretty fast, but somehow I would have enjoyed seeing a more affordable option available.

Apparently, offers a 60 days money back policy. It is a no questions asked one so basically they will issue a full refund no matter what your reasons for returning the Panthers jersey might be. Of course, the product must be sent in its original conditions and packaging, and the refund will be issued once the item ordered reaches its destination. And let’s not forget the fact that the customer is responsible for all the return shipping costs.

This online NFL store seems to be pretty determined to offer customer services to its customers, but its level of professionalism and quality are pretty low. Nowhere on the Contact Us page does it say what its business hours are. When I accessed the website I tried to connect to a Live chat agent, but the service seemed to be unavailable. Luckily, the company seems to have a working phone number.

I guess, no replica NFL jerseys online store is perfect and is no exception. It has its share of goods and bads. The positive things about this store are the 60 days money back guarantee, the diversified collection, the working phone number available option of contacting its customer service and the usability of the site. And the reasons that make you think twice before ordering are the expensive delivery options and the unsecure card payment page.