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I like it when replica NFL jerseys companies make bold statements like “Discover the meaning of high quality”. In 99% of the cases these turn out to be just exaggerations that have nothing to do with the actual quality they offer. is one of the brave online sites that dare to promise us the perfect NFL jerseys for a price that you can’t resist. As always we got to be smarter than that. Fans should really ask themselves whether these promises have a shred of truth or not. And to find out what the true face of this merchant is they just need to follow the below guidelines.

The first thing that offers fans a clue about the true nature of a fake NFL jerseys company is the looks of its website. This is its calling card and it should be flawless. Everything about its aesthetics should suggest professionalism and superiority. Unfortunately, this is not the case with, but on the contrary. The website is poorly designed. It has a very unprofessional appearance that suggests that this is just another average online store that carries questionable quality knockoffs. The white and sky blue color scheme is terribly disadvantaged by the pixelated images and banners. These give the impression of an out-dated web page that has nothing to do with elegance, authenticity and everything a NFL jersey stands for.

On top of the page there is a simple and short menu bar with buttons for the main popular sports jerseys brands available. Right under it there is a login and registered interface and the screen of Chat Online. Even lower there is a common looking banner that advertises the quality of the products. In the left side of the screen there is a bar with the available sports team brands and the top selling models. Somehow the page seems disproportioned and difficult to browse. It lacks coherence and proper usability.

Authentic jerseys wholesale does carry that many sports brands. It includes 6 sports names that can be accessed and browsed by using the left side menu bar. Here fans can find main sports branded team jerseys  that are surely among the top choices of most fanatics. The thing is that each brand includes much more than just jerseys. They also find caps, bags, hoodies and accessories. This makes the collection pretty diverse and attractive for those who are looking for affordable merchant solutions. There are products both for men and women and every sub-category includes other sub-categories that need to be browsed page by page. The collection is quite wide and unfortunately there is no Advanced Search bar on the page to make things easier.

The prices are displayed in US Dollar and from what fans can tell by comparing the different type of products the prices of these replica NFL jerseys are for every budget. There are affordable polo shirts and bags that cost about 16 US dollars to 40 dollars and there are more expensive models that vary between 87 and 97 US dollars. It all depends on the various types of the merchants and the stock availability. Judging by the default currency I would say that this store targets US customers even though it delivers packages worldwide.

The photos of these fake jerseys are a big flaw. This becomes clear after you browse a few of the categories and you start noticing that the pictures were taken in different places and not in the same studio. There are images that have a white background, some are actual pictures, some are computer-generated pictures. And from what I can tell, most replica NFL jerseys have the original photos, the ones that are displayed on the real NFLshop website. All these suggest that what you see in the images isn’t what you are going to receive. accepts credit card payment and from my experience that’s not such a great thing. The company is able to process only Visa and Mastercard payments. Of course, these are the most popular and trusted payment methods for online shopping, but not when the page where you are supposed to enter your card details doesn’t have the https before the domain name. This means that the page isn’t secured and that your information can be accessed by any third parties. Fortunately, offers alternative payment methods like Western Union, Paypal or Money Gram.

Regarding the shipping policy, this seems a little bit intricate. It says that has adopted the international shipping solution FiftyOne to allow you to easily shop from and ship to any of the countries listed below. You can now shop this store in your selected currency and see your complete order total, including shipping fees, customs tariffs and taxes when you check out. Once you submit your order, the total is guaranteed at the exchange rate indexed when you placed your order. You will not be charged any additional fees at delivery.

I do not know about you, but I immediately recognize an unfair return policy when I see one. And has one of the most unfair ones. The store claims to offer a 60 days refund policy, but you can’t return the replica NFL jersey just like that. There are a series of conditions for this. The main thing is that only products with quality issues can be reimbursed. You can’t ask for your money back just because you are not happy with the items ordeded or because you have changed your mind. The same thing goes for the replacement and exchange policy. And of course, all the return costs need to be paid by the customer. Of course, I do agree with this return policy that underwear, customized and personalized items are not returnable.

Proper customer services mean a company that is easy to reach by phone, email and live chat. Or at least this is how I see things. If fans are not able to contact the store quickly then they can’t fix their urgent matters and this may very well turn this whole shopping experience into a complicated and tiresome process. Fortunately, this store offers proper customer services as it has Live Chat, Phone number and Contact Form where customer can send in their questions. does not qualify as a supplier of good quality replica NFL jersey as it claims on its homepage. This website appears to be just the opposite. Indeed, it has affordable prices, a wide range of replica products and free delivery, but it also fails to offer some things that are essential in this business.